Extended Fields


extended field 1, 22×30″


extended field 2, 40×58″



extended field 3, 22×30″


extended field 4 , 22×30″


extended field 5, 22×30″



extended field, final

In the repetitive,  task oriented  approach  I  chose for this body of work,  I am  in relationship with both time and labour.  In one sense, I am literally marking time–what remains on the drawing surface is a record of time passing.  I am also leaving a visible record of labor–labour undertaken voluntarily for its own sake without a predetermined visual outcome.

In  this working process  a new kind of space –or field is created. A field that could extend past the edges of the rectangular form.  The .  What appears on the drawing surface might  only  be a part or segment of something larger, infinitely larger, with no boundaries.  These marks made by a hand moving through space in time could go on forever.

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